Long Exposures on The Wirral Coast

Blown away on the coldest and windiest October day imaginable

The concept was a sound one, the light was perfect, but you try to take long-exposures on the coldest day of the Autumn so far with a howling northerly blowing straight into your face!

Membership of the Royal Photographic Society has many benefits not least their organised days when you can get together with likeminded photographers to try out new techniques in locations that have been scouted in advance.

When your next photographic aim is to pull together a portfolio of images to submit for your LRPS application such days are invaluable not only for the opportunity to add to that portfolio but also the chance to discuss with others at different stages of the same process.

Groynes in Liverpool Bay, New Brighton

But, despite the wonderfully clear skies and glorious sunshine, the frustration of the day was that long exposures were virtually impossible because of the ferocity of the wind, blowing, for the majority of time straight into our faces.

I did manage a couple of half-decent long exposures, where the sea was smoothed into a dream-like state but even then the length of exposure was insufficient to create the full effect. The image above was one of the longer ones that did not suffer from camera-shake which, given that I was using a sturdy tripod, is testament to the strength of the wind.

In the shelter of Fort Perch

The (partial) shelter offered by Fort Perch itself helped a little to begin with but around midday the wind shifted direction so that it was not only blowing into me but also bouncing back off the walls of the fort. While the image above may not be one of my best it does show the conditions from the ferocity of the breakers.

Rock pools on New Brighton Beach

A change of approach brought some reward as the close up to this rock pool illustrates. Without any post-production in Lightroom the saturation of the greens on the rocks gives this image a nice punch.

Fort Perch Lighthouse on the incoming tide

And the light and reflections were glorious so, using a shutter speed I wouldn’t normally employ for landscape shots these last two shots show the beauty of the place and contrast high and low tide nicely.

Fort Perch Lighthouse
Incoming Tide Surrounding Fort Perch Lighthouse