Never Too Old to Learn!

I’ve always loved learning. some say I’m lucky to be like that but from my first day of school I’ve enjoyed finding out new things. Last year I did an Open Universtiy course in digital photography and loved every minute of that. Today was another of those days where I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning new tips and techniques for my photography.

The National Trust has been running a series of Roadshows in association with Panasonic throughout the summer and I’ve been looking forward to today’s at Dunham Massey all summer and it didn’t disappoint.

Deer at Dunham Massey

Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with all the tech details but suffice to say I now feel a lot more confident with 4K Photo, Post focus and Focus Stacking and have been inspired to try shooting landscapes at much wider apertures than I have previously thought acceptable.

Thanks to Panasonic Lumix Ambassador Esther Ling, Twitter @EstherLingPhoto Instagram @esterlingphoto for her time and patience today.

Texture in Fallen Trees, Dunham Massey Park
Fallen Branch “Wigwam”
Piano in A Hothouse
Onion Ripening
Esther’s Door
Post Focus
Wide Aperture Close Up
Follow the Eye
Reflecting on ……